John Latham
Appointed: January 2014

Prof John Latham is vice-chancellor and deputy vice-chancellor for business development at Coventry University. John is also a member of the Finance and Governance Board.

John oversees all industrial-academic activities at the University and is also responsible for all third strand activity across its education, training, research and consultancy services.

He was instrumental in securing the creation of the University’s new £32 million Engineering and Manufacturing Institute in partnership with Unipart.

John has a number of high-profile roles at local, regional, national and European level, including being a member of various UK government science advisory bodies.

He has also been involved in a number of networks, committees and partnership projects in many European Research and Development and education and training programmes.

John has worked for a number of private sector organisations in the last 20 years including JHP Group Limited, BT, GEC, GPT and Jaguar Cars and has been an instrumental figure in the CWLEP since its inception.

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