Organiser: Department for International Trade in the West Midlands
Date: Thursday, September 20, 2018 - 09:00
One Snowhill
B4 6GH Birmingham

What could be more rewarding than seeing your company grow beyond borders.

But, cultural preferences vary wildly around the globe. A typical client in New York is going to have a separate set of values than a client in Tokyo.

To be successful when working with potential clients from another country, it is very important to learn about the people and how they like to communicate – from greetings to gestures to non-verbal behaviour. Always remember, do not stereotype and instead see the individual. Having said that, finding out about a person’s cultural background provides interesting clues about how the person may behave. International communication is not about changing your communication style completely. That would be wrong and confusing. Trying to respect and adjust to the way another person communicates will help put both parties at ease.

Good news, our business culture masterclasses will help you to learn some of the market specific rules. The tips presented will help you to be more successful when you communicate across cultures.

The masterclasses will cover:

  • different business and economic environments
  • business cultures: religion, language, values, and customs
  • business communication and negotiation styles
  • understanding and overcoming common trade barriers / pitfalls
  • e-commerce strategy
  • case studies and how to deal with tricky situations

Dates and location:

All sessions will be hosted at KPMG, our designated training hub for this series of training workshops: One Snowhill, Snowhill Queensway, Birmingham B4 6GH

You can attend one, or all seven - it's totally flexible to suit your business needs...

20/03/2018 - Switzerland

26/04/2018 - Scandinavia

24/05/2018 - France

21/06/2018 - Benelux

24/07/2018 - Germany and Austria

20/09/2018 - USA and Canada

06/11/2018 - China

Please note: When you proceed to registration you will be able to select which sessions you would like to attend.

If you would like any additional information prior to registering you can contact our dedicated Language & Culture specialist, as detailed below:

Gerti Willis AMIEx | Communication & Culture Adviser

Tel: +44 (0)121 607 1942

M: 07971 144070