ERDF and ESF Special Partner Bulletin

Monday 12th of November 2018 02:18 PM

We are very pleased to be able to share case studies from the 2014 to 2020 England European Regional Development Fund. The new Supporting Local Growth booklet showcases 58 of the projects funded through our programme. From the HEIGHTS project in Gateshead to the Enterprise Space for Advanced Manufacturing in St Austell, Cornwall, a range of projects across the country are featured.

The new Supporting Local Growth booklet is available at

£1,509 million of the current ERDF programme in England has been allocated to 572 projects (figures correct as of end of September 2018). And with more projects set to be contracted, further applications under consideration and live calls for projects on GOV.UK, we will see numbers build in the coming months.

We hope you enjoy reading the booklet – it is the centrepiece of our Annual Information Activity for 2018 and will be supported by a week of promotional activities on twitter. If you don’t already follow our twitter account @esif1420england please do and keep an eye out for (and retweet/like) our programme related tweets throughout the week.  

Thanks to all of you who have helped with delivering our growth projects and sharing the stories of our achievements.