ESIF Programme COVID-19 Notification Bulletin, 9 June 2020

Tuesday 9th of June 2020 11:20 AM

Welcome to the ESIF Programme COVID-19 Notification Bulletin. Through these bulletins we aim to keep you updated and notified of the latest information published for the 2014 to 2020 ESIF Programme in response to COVID-19.

Please see below a summary of the information updated and published.
To access the information in full, view our ESIF COVID-19 response page on GOV.UK:

European Social Fund (ESF)

Q&A: Question 4 - The delivery/performance of our project, including the achievement of our outputs/ targets, is being significantly affected e.g. by reduced levels of participation; lack of new starters; having to cancel face to face/group sessions. Meanwhile, staff and related core costs still need to be paid. What measures can the Managing Authority put in place to allow an appropriate reduction in outputs/targets and continued payment of projects/delivery partners that are paid on an output related basis?

Existing answer updated

Q&A: Question 16 - My project was due an On the Spot Verification visit but this has been postponed, what happens?

Existing answer updated

Q&A: Question 18 - Can ESF be used to meet part of the 20% employer contribution to wage costs under the HM Treasury scheme?

Existing answer updated

Q&A: Question 21 - Will there be any amendment to the Eligibility Rules to allow projects to purchase additional items (such as laptops and phones) to allow them to support their staff who are now working remotely to continue provide support to participants?

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Q&A: Question 23 -  Is the Managing Authority able to confirm arrangements going forward for the Temporary State Aid framework for COVID-19 responses?

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Q&A: Question 26 – How can my project verify/certify an individual’s eligibility for ESF if they cannot currently provide me with a hard or certified copy of their birth certificate/passport (or any other necessary documentation)?

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