Help and advice from HMRC

Wednesday 29th of January 2014 12:00 AM

HM Revenue & Customs has designed a variety of e-learning products for business owners to work through at their own pace to provide information, help and support to assist in running their company.

It includes sections on:

- how and when to tell HMRC you have started self-employment
- how keeping accurate business records will help you claim expenses and tax allowances
- how and when you pay Income Tax and National Insurance contributions to HMRC

It also includes practical case studies on growing your business, including VAT and taking on staff.

The four E-Learning products are:

1 Starting Your Own Business 

2 Exporting Goods (UKTI) –

3 Trading with other EU Countries (UKTI)

4 Tax & your Agriculture Business


HMRC also has a range of webinars -

These online presentations enable customers to attend a seminar at a time to suit them.

There is live and pre-recorded webinars covering topics such as RTI, VAT, Business Expenses, Capital Allowances and Record Keeping.

Businesses can also set-up Key Message alerts. These are monthly alerts and reminders on subjects such as filing deadlines, the help and support available to businesses, Budget information and the latest developments from HMRC.




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