LEP Energy Business Group - successes in 2013

Wednesday 19th of March 2014 12:00 AM

LEP Energy Business Group – successes in 2013

- Production of a clear Energy Business Group manifesto to agree the objectives of the group and bringing together expertise from private and public sectors to ensure that investment and job creation opportunities are realised from energy efficiency and low carbon activities in the LEP region.

- Retrofitting of insulation measures to over 3,500 homes in the LEP area using investment of over £14 million from energy companies and Housing Associations safeguarding over 400 jobs and providing a GVA uplift of c.£1 million

- Winning over £1 million of funding from the Department of Energy and Climate Change to directly fund improvements to homes in Coventry and Rugby with all the work going to members of the local Renewable Energy Technology Alliance safeguarding over 30 local jobs.

- Delivery and operation of a £5 million district energy system in Coventry supplying seven major public buildings with low carbon heat generated from the incineration of domestic refuse.  The Heatline network will triple in size over the next few years and will be a key resource in the sustainable redevelopment of Coventry city centre.

- Completion of a successful pilot scheme for Warwickshire GPs to use electric vehicles in real-world conditions - EVs4GPs - enabling a robust financial model to be compiled and clearly demonstrating a positive business case.

- Establishment of the Low Impact Building Centre and Sustainable Building Futures facilities by Coventry University to research and support new approaches to the design and construction of low carbon buildings and supporting local contractors.

- Establishment of an electric bus park and ride service within Coventry utilising fast charging facilities at car parks.

- Provision of energy management and reduction training to 150 unemployed individuals with 15 going on to complete apprenticeships with Eon.

- Coventry retaining its position as top English city for carbon reduction for third year running – cutting its carbon footprint by a quarter from 2005 to 2011. The city has reduced industrial emissions by 35 per cent, emissions from homes by 20 per cent and those from transport by 10 per cent.


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