Subsidised technology consultancy for SMEs

Thursday 16th of January 2014 12:00 AM

Coventry University Enterprises is managing an EU funded programme called "Technology and Innovation Futures" (TIF) to assist SME businesses in the West Midlands to:

  • examine and troubleshoot or improve integration of existing technologies
  • investigate new solutions and
  • implement change

The service offers subsidised technology consultancy and can help in identifying solutions to business or manufacturing problems, resolving problems in existing systems where this has a significant impact on profitability and in investigating, learning about, selecting, sourcing and implementing a range of new technologies. "Technology" has quite a broad meaning in the TIF programme and can include:

  • ICT systems (including integrated business management systems, MRP, ERP and digital supply chains)
  • Integrated manufacturing and automation (including factory floor solutions such as automated data capture and low cost automation solutions)
  • Lean and process improvement
  • Rapid prototyping and product design / development (including 3D printing)
  • A range of other ICT technologies including modelling, simulation, document management, database design and development
  • ICT and technology strategy development - developing a plan for phased ICT and technology  investment
  • eSecurity, eBusiness, Networks, Online Marketing
  • Waste reduction and resource efficiency (including sustainability, environmental systems & processes)
  • Other sector specific technologies

The TIF offer is a 50% subsidy towards the cost of up to 10 days consultancy. This will limit the company’s exposure to £2,500. This can be offered as a limited consultancy engagement or can form a starting point for further assistance in implementing a selected technology.

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