Warwick Summer Internships (WSI) Programme: 6 weeks of full funding

Friday 11th of January 2019 02:00 PM

The Warwick Summer Internships (WSI) programme brings together UK-based small and medium sized enterprises (SMEs), charities and Warwick undergraduates (including finalists) with the opportunity to benefit from the many advantages afforded by a high-quality summer internship.
WSI takes place thanks to funding from Santander Universities and generous donations from Warwick alumni and friends and offers 6 weeks of full funding towards internships over the summer, once students have finished their exams.
Successful employers will be awarded a grant for a 6-week, full-time internship of £2021, based on £8.75 per hour, over 35 working hours per week. In Greater London, this increases to £2356 to take into account the higher £10.20 London Living Wage.
Please note: funding is available on a first come, first served basis. Internships may be any duration beyond 6 weeks at the host organisation’s cost.
The overarching aims of the Warwick Summer Internships Programme are for:

  • Employers to resource a project* or idea with an enthusiastic and capable student, at little cost. Learn from fresh ideas and a new perspective, with a view towards future employment with students in the medium and longer term.
  • Students to gain valuable work experience and a learning opportunity to develop their knowledge of the work place and develop their transferable skills to help them make their career choices.

The key elements of WSI support for host organisations are:

  • Support with defining an internship opportunity, quality assurance process for vacancies and targeted student marketing.
  • Good and best practice resources and support around recruiting and hosting a student.
  • Supporting appointed interns to be prepared to contribute during their internship experience.

Please visit the website warwick.ac.uk/wsi to check that your organisation can meet the responsibilities of the host organisation, satisfies the eligibility criteria and can adhere to the programme timeline and register interest. Registration does not commit you to participation but will enable us to send you information about our programme.
Bear in mind that if your organisation is unsuccessful in securing WSI funding you can still benefit from the key elements that the programme has to offer.