As is fitting for a region renowned for its innovation and forward-thinking, Coventry and Warwickshire is leading the way in low-carbon technologies and the Intelligent Mobility sector.

Harnessing emerging technologies and data to design the transport networks of the future, Intelligent Mobility connects people, places and goods using everything from remotely operated vehicles, to iPad apps.

We’re home to many of the companies and organisations at the forefront of these industries, including JLR, HORIBA MIRA, University of Warwick, WMG, Huawei, Volvo and Coventry University. The combination of engineering know-how, research facilities and work-ready skills ensures we continue to attract major projects to the area, including the £7.1m UK Connected Intelligent Transport Environment (UK CITE).

Backed by the LEP, the project brings together major global technology and automotive companies, our world-class academic institutions, and Coventry City Council to develop and trial connected vehicle technology, infrastructure and services on roads in Coventry and Warwickshire.

Coventry is also among two UK cities piloting driverless technology as part of the UK Autodrive project. Both the connected infrastructure and the vehicles will be developed and built in the area.

High-performance broadband is also an important part of digital connectivity. We have rolled out internationally competitive superfast broadband covering 91% of properties in the area, and we’re working to further improve connectivity to ensure our businesses are connected faster.

Intelligent Mobility

Coventry and Warwickshire is at the forefront of driverless technology and low carbon technologies. We are working together to lead the way on Intelligent Mobility – merging the transport sector with digital communications and sensing technologies to deliver mobility solutions for people and freight.

The work has been a natural progression from the area’s expertise in vehicle engineering. The area is host to a number of prestigious businesses and support organisations operating in the fields of electric, electric hybrid, fuel cells, hydrogen power systems and light-weight materials. 

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Infrastructure projects are at the centre of our drive to unlock the growth potential of the region and this includes the broadband infrastructure across our urban and rural areas

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