Governance and Transparency

In April 2017, Ministry of Housing, Communities and Local Government (MHDCLG), commissioned a review into LEP governance and transparency. This gave rise to, in October 2017 the publication of the ‘MHDCLG Non-Executive Director Review into Local Enterprise Partnership Governance and Transparency’, the so-called, Mary Ney Review. 

The department accepted all recommendations of the review. LEP’s were subsequently provided with the ‘Local Enterprise Partnership Governance and Transparency - Best Practice Guidance’ in January 2018 to enable the recommendations to be implemented. 

Coventry & Warwickshire LEP has always aimed to be ‘best in class’ in terms of governance and has fully embraced the report and, whilst some recommendations are already in place, have identified additional requirements that will be addressed to fully comply. Indeed, CWLEP will go further and apply the measures to all CWLEP Group companies, the Finance & Governance Board and the Programme Delivery Board.

Scheme of Delegation

Within the governance of CWLEP all officers and executives operate within the designated scheme of delegation which can be found here.

Guidance on the publication of meeting and agenda items

CWLEP has adopted fully the guidance on the publication of meeting and agenda items for the CWLEP Board, Finance & Governance Board and Programme Delivery Board. The timelines are as follows:

  • Meeting agendas and papers to be published 5 clear working days before the meeting takes place;
  • Minutes of Board meetings to be published within 10 clear working days of the meeting taking place. This may be in draft if internal LEP processes require clearance before the minutes are finalised.
  • The final minutes of Board meetings must be published within 10 clear working days of being approved.

Agenda Items that the respective Board’s decide are of a confidential nature will be considered under Private Business and the associated minutes will not be made available on the website.

Confidential Reporting

CWLEP complaints procedure now includes processes for making confidential complaints.

Whistleblowing Policy

CWLEP ‘whistleblowing policy’ is published here.

Code of Conduct

CWLEP Code of Conduct, included the Nolan Principles of Public Life and other measures has been replaced from March 2018 with the Code of Conduct contained in the Government’s LEP Best Practice Guidance. This will apply to CWLEP Board Members and staff.

Register of Interests

CWLEP Ltd had an existing Register of Interests which was replaced by the specified register of interests contained within the Best Practice Guidance at the last CWLEP Board meeting at the end of January.  This is available under the details of each of the Board Directors and the Executive Team.

Any new declaration of interest made at a meeting will be included in the minutes of the Board meeting and entered, initialed and dated by the board member, in the Board Members register of interest.

Hospitality Register

The enclosed register monitors the use of any funds for hospitality reasons and are in excess of £50 per individual occurrence. View register.

In the interest of transparency the register is updated at the point there are any new entries made.