The LEP Board has given the Programme Delivery Board delegated authority to manage capital funding allocated to the LEP e.g. Local Growth Fund, Growing Places Fund and other sources of funding. Its remit is to ensure delivery of the LEP project programme. 

In 2016 the LEP Board reviewed and renamed its Growth Deal Sub – Committee, the Programme Delivery Board (PDB), with formal terms of reference and gave it delegated authority to manage capital funding allocated to the LEP e.g. Local Growth Fund, Growing Places Fund and other sources of funding.

  1. Objective

To understand the funding landscape for Economic Development and to oversee the strategic management and delivery of projects and programmes for the CWLEP Board.

  1. Purpose

The Programme Delivery Board will:

  1. Manage the CWLEPs funding portfolio, including the submission and assessment of calls for projects.
  2. Assist the CWLEP Board in understanding and managing financial and risk implications of delivering the CWLEP economic priorities and the associated capital funding allocations and make recommendations to the Board as appropriate;
  3. Provide high quality reporting information to the CWLEP Board;
  4. Lead on managing delivery of the CWLEPs funding programmes via its relationship with the designated accountable body (Coventry City Council) through regular monitoring arrangements.
  5. Lead on providing internal and external audit reviews and evaluation.
  6. Endeavour to ensure the commitments of government against the Growth Deal programme are adhered to.
  1. Role, duties and responsibilities

In meeting its objectives, the Programme Delivery Board is specifically charged with:

  1. Exploring and evaluating potential funding sources in the CWLEP area, including but not limited to those from the WMCA, Midlands Engine, Shared Prosperity funding or any other funding stream that is or may become accessible to CWLEP.
  2. Overseeing the process that creates the pipeline of potential investment proposals for the CWLEP and recommending schemes and projects that should be prioritised to the main board.
  3. Overseeing delivery of all current and future CWLEP funding programmes (including Local Growth Fund and Growing Places) in line with the CWLEP Assurance Framework.
  4. Acting as an advocate for CWLEP, the Coventry & Warwickshire area and delivery partners to key stakeholders including department for Business, Enterprise and Industrial Strategy (BEIS), Highways England, Department for Transport (DfT), and Network Rail.
  5. Overseeing and commissioning Programme level audit and evaluation work for all funding streams in line with the CWLEP Assurance Framework.
  1. Accountability

The PDB is responsible for reporting to the CWLEP on the progress, delivery and spend of CWLEP programmes. It does this through the Programme Delivery Board which is a subgroup of the Finance & Governance Board. Coventry City Council is accountable for the appropriate use of funding in line with Local Government Financial Regulations. The CWLEP is also accountable to BEIS, through the Annual Conversation, for the use of Growth Funds.Its scope of work and these TOR will be reviewed annually.

  1. Notes of meetings

The Programme Management Team will provide support for the meeting and email agenda and papers to the Programme Delivery Board at least 5 days before each meeting. The Programme Management team will also take responsibility for publishing Agendas and Minutes to the CWLEP Website following approval by the Programme Delivery Board.

  1. Frequency of meetings and reporting arrangements

The Programme Delivery Board will meet as a minimum on a quarterly and will provide an update on progress and headlines to the subsequent CWLEP board meeting.

  1. Membership

The Programme Delivery Board membership will be:

3 Private Sector CWLEP Board Directors, one of whom will be appointed as Chair. Membership will be drawn from the private sector directors of CWLEP, without any direct interest in the remit of the PDB, due to the conflict of interest that any Public Sector or University directors of CWLEP may have in matters dealt with.

In addition, others in attendance may include:

  • CWLEP Chief Executive
  • CWLEP Company Secretary
  • CWLEP Operations Director
  • CWLEP Senior Executive
  • Growth Deal Programme Manager
  • Accountable Body S151 Officer
  • Others by invitation
  • Representative from BEIS (Observer)

The Board will be deemed quorate with a minimum of 2 members.

CWLEP Programme Delivery Board Meetings dates 2021:

  • Thursday 14 January
  • Friday 12 March
  • Thursday 13 May
  • Thursday 15 July
  • Thursday 30 September
  • Wednesday 17 November