Whilst the pandemic has impacted massively across health, wellbeing, economic, social and civic aspects of life, CWLEP and partners will lead and drive activities that will be needed to minimise the negative economic impacts of Covid-19 in Coventry and Warwickshire. We will champion the opportunities that it presents around the way our local economy can work, creating the environment for innovation and enterprise to flourish in the future.

Our objective is to develop and implement a newly focused, partnership-led Strategic Framework to reset our economy for a successful, inclusive, sustainable, and resilient future. Our ambition remains - Coventry and Warwickshire as a safe and highly attractive place to live, study, work, and invest.

This Strategic Reset Framework, developed through the work of our Reset Taskforce, seeks to draw on our strengths and resilience [in Coventry and Warwickshire], to develop and deliver support for our businesses for the long-term.

Nick Abell, CWLEP Chair

We will build on our longstanding and wide-ranging collaborations and partnership working across our region.

We need to deliver the right conditions to foster the creation of those next generation jobs, innovative new enterprises, imaginative new business models that will be sustained and sustainable.

Marion Plant OBE, Chair of the CWLEP Reset Taskforce

CWLEP Reset Strategic Framework document

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Strategic Reset Framework

CWLEP Business Groups delivering our implementation plan

CWLEP Board, Economic Reset Taskforce

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CW Place Board and Champions

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Transport and Infrastructure

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Planning & Housing

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Culture & Tourism

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Digital & Creative

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Productivity & Skills

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CWLEP Strategic Pillars

These six pillars frame our Reset Strategy and our priorities, building on our strengths but also identifying vulnerabilities and barriers we will need to address to successful delivery of our ambition for all in Coventry and Warwickshire.

To deliver all of this we have developed an ambitious Implementation Plan, which will be delivered through our business groups.